Summer Jobs for 2014

There are few things as identifiably American as the Summer job. Disliked because it takes away beautiful and increasingly rare free time, coveted because it brings in money, the Summer job is something that everyone does eventually. A Summer job doesn’t have to be mindless and boring, though. Here are some of the more interesting jobs that students can look for during their vacation months.

First of all, there are the traditional means of getting a Summer job – applying at a business and working for them. These offer a measure of job security; do your job right and you’ll get paid on time and won’t lose your job. Plus, they help build a resume in that doing your job well will lead to good references when future employers call to check up on your background.


A lifeguard job is an excellent choice of Summer job if you like being around a lot of people. Far from a job where you just sit and watch until you have to help someone, a lifeguard position includes instructing people and assisting in pool related activities. You get a lot of fresh air and sunlight, and get the joy of knowing you’re protecting people. This job will require first aid and swimming competence certifications though, so keep that in mind.

Security Guard:

In most states, it’s surprisingly easy to get a security position. You attend a short series of classes or study a course online, pay a fee, and receive a guard card. After this, you can apply for a number of security positions in your area. You might spend your time talking with a lot of people at an entry point, or spend your evenings alone patrolling secured areas. Either way, you’ll be making people safer. As a plus, the security community tends to be very tight-knit. If you perform well as a part timer, you can easily find yourself re-hired full time after you graduate, and it’s relatively easy to move between security companies if your original employer doesn’t have openings.

Short Order Cook:

A lot of people lump short order cooking jobs in with fast food, but there is a distinct difference. Fast food tends to be prepackaged and simplified – put the pieces together, press some buttons, and you’re done. Short order cooks have actual training in how to cook and prepare food based on their ingredients. Admittedly in big chain restaurants this can be just as mechanical as in McDonald’s, but you gain a superior resume out of the deal. Once you have short order cook experience, you can carry it to any short order job. Good luck doing that with experience on the fryer at McDonald’s.


Tutoring has this image of a student hanging out a flyer and offering to teach fellow classmates who are struggling in certain subjects, at reasonable rates of course. However, there are now many businesses that offering tutoring services in cooperation with state education departments and school districts. Often providing specific curricula for large numbers of students, these programs are easy to learn and work in. They offer educational experience to put on a resume, and tend to provide short hours instead of long ones.

On the other hand, who says you have to work for someone else? Self-employment opportunities are a great way to get an alternative working environment, and can help you create a job all your own when no one seems to be hiring.


If you can write a decent article, there are numerous ghostwriting opportunities on the internet. Services like Textbroker allow you to create an account and take work where and when you please. You build stronger writing skills and gain experience writing for a variety of topics, which can carry you through into a larger writing career if you so choose.

Farmer’s Market vendor:

Do you grow your own food? Do you have a skill at handcrafts? Do you make really good jam and can it yourself? A local farmer’s market might be the best choice for you to make. As long as you pay the local business registration fees, you can probably set up a booth or stall and sell your homemade goods to interested parties. This is a fun way to practice salesmanship and marketing, as well as experiencing the pride of selling your own product.

Transport Driver:

Taxis are far from the only way people get around town. Rideshare services like Lyft allow private individuals to offer rides to folks needing a lift in a hurry. Riders use an app to list their ride, and drivers use their apps to accept take. This job does require some forethought – local regulations may prohibit the activity, or require particular measures of compliance. Also, personal insurance does not cover accidents while engaged in a business transaction, so make sure you’re in full compliance with local laws and insurance coverage before you try this route. If you are, though, it can be a great way to make money while traveling and meeting new people.