Small Business Ideas for 2014

The year 2014 promises to be a good year for investing in a small part-time business with limited start up costs, entrepreneurial investment or a full-time business venture. The field of business areas are wide open for a savvy investor and planner and 2014 will be a great time to start a business in one of the many and up-and-coming technologies as well as some of the older standby, inflation-proof ventures. The sky is the limit, but starting a successful business will take some planning, keen financial investment and a lot of time donated to the venture. Here are some worthwhile business ventures that will show lucrative returns and fill a wanted niche in the domestic and international business world.

House or Pet Sitting

This is a service-based business that requires little start-up costs but is surprisingly in demand. Homeowners are becoming acutely aware of the importance of security when it comes to their homes and property. This business requires no particular skills other than a trustworthy and responsible nature, along with a record of reliability. Nothing more is needed than business cards or some small advertizements in local newspapers. A great website with a blog will also attract potential customers. It’s a good idea to acquire personal references, and if possible, obtain a bonding certification to guard against any damage to property. Pet sitting is very similar in nature and can be combined with house sitting. Pet sitting requires only the love of animals and a good habit of following directions when it comes to care, feeding and exercise.

Cosmetics Sales Representative

small business ideas for 2014Personal care and hygiene will never go out of style. Becoming a cosmetic sales representative will literally open up doors to many people who are on the quest to looking and feeling good. Avon, for example, has one of the largest direct sales companies in the world as well as a stellar reputation and excellent product line. The cosmetics industry pulls in an estimated $6 billion in revenue a year. In addition to beauty supplies and products, Avon also carry wellness and fashion products that appeal, not only to the female audience but the male populace. Becoming a representative is affordable and easy, with most of the program literature, social media connections, guidelines and products supplied by the company. This makes starting a successful cosmetics sales representative business immediate and convenient. Business cards, small ads and word-of-mouth are the best ways to start up this type of business.

Desktop Publishing

Anyone who owns a computer and printer has the potential to make business cards, banners and fliers. All it takes is some instructional computer programs to learn the skills on how to place text and graphics, crop and printout materials. Persons who have artistic ability and a good inkjet printer can do well in desktop publishing, even branching off into franchise and company work that might provide a steady income. Creating a unique and attractive portfolio of samples will showcase your talent. It is not hard to compete with or beat the prices of commercial printers. Supply costs are minimal, requiring only paper stock and ink cartridges. Persons interested in desktop publishing will do well with door-to-door solicitations, a website presence, small ads and word-of-mouth.

Auction Reseller

Persons who have a good eye and strategy for setting competitive prices can do very well in auction sales. The only requirement is visiting prepaid bid online auction sites where you can purchase merchandise instead of shopping at wholesale outfits. The key is to know your product inside and out, what the consumer market will bear and the precise timing to make bids on individual items or lots. The idea is to keep your bids reasonable and not overbid. This business can pick you up some very hot and fashionable items. After a successful bid, you have only to go to Craigs List or Ebay and resell the items for a profit then repeat the process. Persons can learn the system quickly and compete directly with the online sellers, beating their prices by a small margin.

Secretarial, Typing and Proofing Services

Persons with a MFA, secretarial or proofreading experience can do well in providing written and editorial skills for the public. Many small businesses cannot afford temp services or full-time secretarial personnel. This business requires only a computer, email access and a printer. Skills would include a mastery of English, or foreign language if required and adequate typing skills. Today, with the advent of print-on-demand and self-publishing, many writers need the skills of a good typist and editor and are willing to pay top dollar for these services. Prices can be agreed upon per job or by the hour or page. A great spinoff of this business is website design, but it requires some course study or previous experience in formatting, graphic design and computer coding.

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