New Business Ideas for 2014

As the economy of the world continues to change to accommodate a constantly changing world population, there are many new business ideas that now have the ability to become profitable for entrepreneurs. As the population ages and becomes more and more dependent on mobile applications for its every day commerce and communications, enterprising individuals have a chance to blow open huge markets that are ready for exploitation.

There is also a huge call for new ways to create energy in the 21st century. The largest opportunities for sustained success will come from these new alternative energy markets.

Below are just a few of the ideas that society is calling for whose market has not been saturated yet.

One – Healthcare

With the population of the Western world aging, there will be many opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals to set up their own private healthcare businesses. With many private nurses and other healthcare professionals obtaining their training through independent programs, there will be many more qualified individuals that do not necessarily have the opportunity to work within the more established or state run health systems that employ most of those people currently. In short, these private healthcare professionals will need people to find them clients.

For this opportunity, the employment agency will not really even need to have a detailed knowledge of the healthcare industry. What will be required is the ability to drive traffic to a website that both clients and healthcare professionals can access. By providing easier access to both clients and professionals, an entrepreneur can charge a premium for the convenience without having to ever leave the comfort of home.

Two – Mobile Apps

new business ideas 2014With mobile apps becoming the norm for communications and entertainment in the 21st century, entrepreneurs who are able to come up with the next popular idea will certainly profit. Many of the most popular apps today provide the same functionality as previous apps; they simply do it more quickly or more easily. For instance, the Pheed app was basically a clone of Twitter; however, it allowed individuals to more easily attach videos and music to their messages. It was also highly successful because of its compatibility with the popular iPhone line.

However, before long, the Pheed phenomenon was taken over by Vine, who built on the momentum Pheed had by providing users with the ability to make short six second videos by stopping and starting their iPhones in a manner similar to the formation of .gif files. An entrepreneur who builds upon this technology and offers up more functionality or quicker lines of communication can easily profit in this new environment for everything app.

Three – Green Energy Distributors

Those in the know are looking for alternatives to the gas and oil monopoly that state run energy companies have. There are viable alternatives such as hydrogen, natural gas and coal. However, most of these options are out of the financial range of the average person simply because there is not enough demand to create the volume needed to lower the price in a substantial way.

In the new economy, an entrepreneur with a business that is able to lower the cost of alternative energy (which should really be mainstream energy) will certainly be able to take advantage of market that is wide open for exploitation. There will likely be a great deal of resistance from the establishment powers who sense that their monopoly over energy might be coming to an end; however, this business has the most potential for profit by far because it is a product that everyone needs on a day to day basis.

In order to take full advantage of any of the markets described above, an entrepreneur will need a great deal of knowledge about how to promote and attract investors to a business. These are big ideas that will require a team effort to accomplish; however, the rewards are there for the person who spearheads the effort.

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