Business Trends in 2014

It is no secret that in the past few years, the business world has changed extremely quickly. With social media and the internet in general dominating the marketing scene and conventional businesses like Blockbuster and Borders falling by the way side, the past two decades have forever altered the way business is done.

The year 2014 looks to be no exception to this, with new business trends shaping the world we live in. So what are the business trends we need to be watching in 2014? What can we do to get ready to do business in 2014? Let’s find out.


There is no denying that by far the biggest business trend of the past half decade will continue to be a major factor in the business world in 2014. Social media, love it or hate it, is here to stay. Facebook and Twitter will continue to dominate the space and be the primary place businesses will need to reach their users. With as many users as both platforms have, it is unlikely any new social networking site will be able to overtake them. It will be increasingly important for businesses to engage with their customers on these primary social networks in as many unique and powerful ways as possible.

However, both companies have been under increased pressure to advertise and make money. In the case of Facebook, their recent IPO has caused a huge amount of changes that mean users view plenty of paid content and less organic content. That is worth keeping in mind. Twitter also has an upcoming IPO and has made some similar changes already, with more expected in 2014.

While Twitter and Facebook continue to dominate as the “primary” social networks, there are others that shouldn’t be discounted. LinkedIn continues to dominate on the professional front, and is now a very powerful tool for Business to Business marketing. Vine and Instagrm video are hugely popular and a fantastic way to reach customers with a unique message. And any network based on visual content (like Pinterest) are becoming increasingly important.

The internet (and business as a whole) are trending towards social. I only expect this to continue in ways we don’t yet know. If you want to learn more about using social media in business (which I highly recommend you do) check out this set of courses.

Content Is Peaking

There is no denying that right now, content is king. Quality written content is being rewarded in the search engines more and more, and people share the best articles on social media like never before. Pictures, infographics, and other static visual content is also of critical importance as it stands out in a world of written text. And video is heralded as the king of kings in the content world.

I expect this to hold true for this year, and maybe a little bit longer. The person with the highest quantity and quality of content is going to win. In 2014, that is the trend we will see.

However, what is also starting to happen, and what I think will continue to happen for a long time, is that context will replace content as the most important element of a marketing strategy. Here is a great video of Gary Vaynerchuk talking about this:

Traditional Media is Dying

It’s no secret that traditional media (print newspapers, radio, even television to an extent) have been slowly dying for quite some time now. In 2014, I only expect this to continue. There simply is no reason to get a print subscription to ten different magazines when you could get all of that content for free online, anytime, from many different websites. The reality is that the internet allows content to be produced by anyone at a massive scale, and traditional media simply can’t compete because it costs exponentially more to produce a similar amount of content. I think that the trend in 2014 will be the continual decline of traditional media.

Mobile Will Get (Even) Bigger

The web has gone mobile. With more and more users primarily accessing the internet through a mobile device, and an increasing amount being spent on mobile ads and through mobile shopping, online business is finally making the transition to going fully mobile. While it’s always been important to have a mobile presence in some capacity since Apple debuted the iPhone, it is now literally a requirement. If a businesses website isn’t mobile compatible, they are simply losing half of their customer base.

So those are some of the business trends we’ll see in 2014. If you like to read about the state of the business world for this coming year, check out some of my other articles, like how to start a business in 2014 and business ideas for 2014. Thanks for stopping by!

How to Start a Business in 2014

Entrepreneurship is a hot topic in today’s society. The number of people starting businesses this year will likely be the highest ever, so I figured it was high time that I write an in depth guide to starting a business in 2014. Business isn’t something that can be learned over night, nor is the learning the most important part in all honest. Building a business takes time, sweat, and persistence. If you want to be able to call yourself a successful entrepreneur, you’ll have to earn that title.

However, it really isn’t that complicated of a thing to do (depending on the industry you are in obviously), and can be extremely rewarding. So here is my guide on how to start a business in 2014.

Refine Your Idea

Before you get started, you’ll obviously need to have some sort of idea to run with. It doesn’t have to be unique (in fact, the best ideas usually aren’t), it doesn’t have to be super creative, but put some effort into this. Here are some good starting points for you if you don’t know what you want to do yet:

Once you have a general idea of what you want to do, you should seriously consider niching down. What I mean by that is to focus on doing one specific activity for one specific group of people.

For example, if you want to start a freelance web design business, focus on one type of business to design web sites for, like maybe dentists. Or if you are thinking about doing landscaping, focus on a specific type of landscaping. There are endless possibilities, and it is better to be seen as the niche expert than a general business that doesn’t specialize in what a customer needs.


Many people think that they need to write a massive business plan if they want to start a business. However, this simply isn’t true anymore. In the modern day business culture, there is no reason to write a massive plan full of projections that are based on nothing more than conjecture. Your time and energy are better spent on proving you have a viable business model. This is oftentimes called the Lean Startup approach. You can read more about it here.

In essence, what you want to do is come up with a minimum viable business model which you can test. For instance, you may think your freelance writing business will do very well if you approach bloggers and pitch them to accept your writing. You would then test this by actually trying it, and if it worked you would scale the business. This is the basic formula that your business should follow regardless of the industry or scale.

Get Legal

You’ll of course need to legally file your business before you do almost anything else. While most businesses are legally Sole Proprietorships, I highly recommend that you file as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), regardless of what your business is. An LLC will protect you from personal legal liability in case your business gets sued, which is incredibly important for any business.

Say you get sued because you messed up installing a sink in a home, causing thousands of dollars in damage. The owner then sues you. If your business is a Sole Proprietorship, they can go after both the businesses assets, and your PERSONAL assets. That means they can take your house, car, and anything else you own. However, an LLC makes it so the business is liable for itself, and the owners are not legally required to pay such debts.

Raise Money

With most businesses, you will have to raise some sort of capital. For many, the traditional first route of using your own money, along with that of friends and family, will work totally fine. If you need more money than what you can raise that way, look into bank financing, angel investing, and venture capital, all of which can be ways of raising substantial money. If your business is centered around some type of creative project, the rise of Kickstarter has also made crowd-funding a viable option.

Start Marketing

Once you’ve made the necessary investments, you’re ready to start marketing. This will of course vary widely depending on what kind of business you are starting, but the key is to simply make it happen in some form or another, which is what most people tend to do.

If you want to learn more about starting a business, here is Noah Kagan (founder of App Sumo) discussing the subject:

Good luck in starting your business this glorious 2014!

Home Based Business Ideas for 2014

Of all the many different types of businesses out there, a home based business is the most alluring to many. The idea of being able to work from home, on your own time and on your own terms appeals to many.

However, know that just because it sounds easy doesn’t mean it is. In fact, starting and succeeding in the business world will almost always take substantially more work than simply staying in your 9 to 5 job. But when you are successful, the rewards are incredible. You’ll likely make more money, and have significantly more freedom.

So with all of that said, here are some of my favorite home based business ideas to start in the year 2014:


One of the examples that people always think about these days for a home based business is to sell something online. If you go about this in the right way, there is the potential to make a lot of money in e-commerce. However, you have to remember that you are competing with Amazon and other big box retailers, so finding a way to stand out can be difficult. You can either resell someone else’s product or create one of your own. Either way, there is a lot of money to be made in E-Commerce, and this type of business can be heavily automated once set up.

Freelance Writing

As the age of online content continues, the demand for quality writing continues to rise. There are many ways to go about writing as a freelancer. You can work find jobs yourself for blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc. Or, you can go through a service like Textbroker to write articles on specific subjects. If you are a solid writer, this is a great option with lots of potential.

Flip Cars

This is kind of an interesting idea, and one that won’t work for most. But if you are a skilled negotiator and know how to find deals on automobiles, you can buy several cars at a time, fix them up a bit, and resell them for more. If you find the right deals and make enough improvements, this can be very profitable.

Flip Homes

home based business ideas for 2014Similar to the last one, although on a much bigger scale. This idea has fixated people ever since it was popularized in several TV shows. If you know how to find a deal, and can make some solid upgrades, flipping a home for profit is more than possible.

Freelance SEO

This one is a rarity, but if you are skilled at SEO, or are starting to get there, it can be an extremely valuable skill. Businesses need search engine optimization services today more than ever, and will gladly pay $1000 or more per month to keep their sites on top of Google rankings. Doing so gives them a solid return on investment. Getting good at SEO is hard, and it is an extremely risky and volatile industry. But if you can build up a solid portfolio of clients, this is one of the fastest ways to making a very high income from home.

Wood Working

There are a lot of different avenues one could take to make money with this. But if you are skilled with your hands and with power tools, it is more than possible to make a substantial income from wood working. Whether you do full scale carpentry, build cabinets, or make children’s toys, there are many different options, many of which are very lucrative.


One of the most popular home based businesses people will attempt this year will be blogging. However, very few will ever succeed. The reality is that blogging is an incredibly difficult thing to break into, requiring lots of writing, making connections, and promotion. However, if you have good ideas, can write killer content, and are willing to work all day promoting that content, it is more than possible to build up a blog (or podcast, or video blog) around a topic of your choice that can make a livable (or even more than that) income. Just know that it is a very competitive industry that few succeed in.

Freelance Web Design

While it isn’t as profitable as freelance SEO work, freelance web design is much easier to break into, isn’t nearly as risky, and can still provide an incredible income. The reality is that businesses always are in need of new website designs and/or fixing of web problems, and if you can do that for them they will gladly pay you a substantial fee.

There are many home based businesses that can be profitable in 2014. I’ve given you some great ideas. If none of them resonated with you, then do some more research and soul searching. However, remember that an idea is just that until you take action. Turn you business idea into a business, and get going down the road to profit!

The Best Web Hosting for 2014

There are a myriad of web hosting companies out there. Hundreds, if not thousands of people vying for that handful  of dollars you spend every month to keep your website(s) online. So how do you sort through the mess? And which company offers the best web hosting services in 2014?

Like your choices in domain registrar, your selection of a hosting company will depend on what you intend to do with your website(s) you are hosting. There are several different kinds of web hosting you may consider.

Before you pick your company of choice, it is important that you select which type of hosting you need. Take into account your current traffic, number and size of websites, and future plans. Here are the different types of hosting you can consider using:

  1. Shared web hosting: This is by far the most common option, and what I would recommend for anyone who doesn’t already have a website getting thousands of daily viewers. Simply put, you don’t need any more power than a good shared hosting plan. They generally run anywhere from $3 to $15 a month, and oftentimes can host unlimited domains, data, and traffic. There are many different options out there, but I believe I have found the best (keep reading to find out what it is).
  2. Virtual Dedicated Server: A virtual dedicated server (or VDS as they’re most often referred to as) is the next step up from a shared hosting plan. Essentially, you get full control over a dedicated portion of a web server. Generally, these start out at around $25 per month, and can range all the way up to several hundred depending on features/performance options. A VDS is a great option if you are hosting a lot of websites with decent chunks of traffic, but don’t need the full power of a dedicated server.
  3. Dedicated Server: If performance and power are what you need, and cost isn’t an objection, there is no substitute for a true dedicated server to host your website with. Generally they will run you at least a couple hundred dollars per month, and also have an initial setup fee. But if your site is getting hundreds of thousands of visitors every month you’ll need that power, and you’ll easily be making enough money to cover that cost.

For most, the choice will obviously be a shared hosting plan. There are many options out there, many of whom have great reputations, features, and price points. So who should you choose?

I’ll make this simple for you: choose Bluehost. I’ve dealt with a variety of different hosting providers, including all of the popular options, and I’ve quite frankly never found anyone that comes close. They offer incredible features at an incredible price.

the best web hosting for 2014For only a few dollars per month, you get unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage space. While those aren’t entirely unheard of in this industry, no other company that I’ve worked with has shown this to be true quite like Bluehost. This site is hosted with them, as are all of my other sites, and I will continue to use them in the future.

If you don’t believe me, look at someone like Pat Flynn. Pat is one of the leaders in the online marketing world, and has helped thousands of people setup websites. His blog, Smart Passive Income, has tens of thousands of regular readers. And his number one recommended web hosting provider is Bluehost.

Bluehost was founded way back in 1996 (yes, there was internet back then), and has been growing ever since. They have long been characterized as one of the most reliable and helpful companies in an industry full of scammers and high pressure up-sales tactics. Their support team is top notch and in house, and their data centers are among the best in the world.

I’ve used GoDaddy, IX Web Hosting, Dream Hosting, Daily Razor, and several other popular hosting companies. However, nothing has ever come close to what Bluehost has to offer. Trust me, and just use them.

Best Franchises for 2014

Franchises are a great type of small business to get into. While you are assuming some risk, as you do with all businesses, the risk is minimized because you are working with an established brand and business. You also will have to do less planning work as far as marketing and branding go if you decide to run a franchise instead of building a business from scratch. For these and other reasons, starting a franchise business in 2014 is a great idea.

However, which one should you get involved in? There are tons of different option in many different industries. Honestly, the answer really depends on your situation. What industries are you passionate about? What do you have experience in? For instance, if you’ve worked in a fast food restaurant before as a manager, then owning a fast food restaurant makes a lot of sense.

With that said, here are what we consider some of the best franchises to own in 2014.


For years Subway has been the golden goose of the franchise world, and in 2014 that will likely continue. As American culture continues to get healthier, more and more people are choosing Subway over its fried-food-serving competitors. Subway is also an amazing company to work with that has a sterling reputation.

A Subway franchise is comparatively low priced, typically requiring between about $80,000 and $250,000 to get started. There are of course many different options for financing your new operation.

Hampton Hotels

On the other side of the cost/scale spectrum, Hampton Hotels is a fast growing company that you can build quite the business with. If you have experience in the hospitality industry, this is an excellent option for you. Hampton is one of the most recognizable names in the industry, starting a hotel with their brand as a franchisee is a great way to build a business from the ground up quicky and easily.

However, getting this going will take significantly more capital than any other franchise on this list. In fact, it will cost somewhere in the range of four to fifteen million dollars to finance. This is obviously a large investment that will require some type of financing for most people to get into, but it is a very good option for those who enjoy working in this industry.

Super Cuts

While many don’t normally think of hair salons as franchise business to start, they actually can be fantastic little businesses. Super Cuts is the biggest name right now, and looks to continue to be so in the future. Providing low cost haircuts at high volume, these franchises tend to do very well for their owners if they are in a good location and are managed properly.

Starting a Super Cuts will cost somewhere in between 100k and 200k.


best franchises for 2014In the transportation industry, gas stations continue to do well, and will likely continue to do well for years to come. 7-11 is of course one of the most reputable and established brands out there, and many people strongly prefer to use only them. If you don’t already have one in your town, you may consider starting one.

Jiffy Lube

Also in the transportation industry, Jiffy Lube is a quickly growing company that has a very positive outlook for the year 2014. They are a great option if you like to get your hands dirty. Look to invest somewhere in the range of two to three hundred thousand dollars in order to get one started.

Anytime Fitness

In the always growing health sector, gyms are expected to do well in 2014. One brand that has been making waves lately is Anytime Fitness, and for good reason. The gym offers 24/7 access to members, something that is rarely seen in the industry. If you are passionate about fitness or have connections with good trainers to hire, consider starting an Anytime Fitness franchise in 2014. They are a great company with a great outlook.

Expect to have stiff competition in this industry, but if you are successful a gym can be extremely profitable. Gym equipment isn’t cheap, so start up cost can be relatively high.


The old standby of franchisees. McDonald’s is one of the most successful franchise companies of all time. While their products have come under scrutiny during the recent health industry boom, they have made changes and have steadily improved. McDonald’s has grown like clock work over the past few decades, and that is looking to continue in 2014. There are likely already plenty of McDonald’s franchises in your area, but if there aren’t, consider starting one. McDonald’s does have a very high cost of entry at well over a million dollars.

Those are just a few examples of franchises you can start this year. There are many companies that could potentially take the title of best franchise for 2014, and I can’t give that award to any one company. However, there are plenty of options, and if you take your skills, experiences, and passions into account you will no doubt find there are plenty of opportunities for you to pursue. Best of luck!


Best Domain Registrar for 2014

There are many good domain registrars out there in the marketplace today. So which one is the best to be using in 2014? Well that question has many different answers depending on who you talk to. Some people prefer one over the other because of a difference in cost. Others boast of superior customer service. And yet others simply stick with the same registrar they’ve been using for years now out of habit.

In all reality, there isn’t a huge amount of difference between registrars. All allow you to do the same thing: register domain names. All do it for relatively the same price (generally around ten bucks for a .com domain name). And most will also try and upsell you hosting services, SSL’s, and other things you may or may not need.

So what are differences between the companies, and which should you use? Well that depends on what you’re looking for and what you will be using the domain names for.

For me though, there is only one company that I will trust as a domain registrar in 2014: NameCheap.


Founded in the year 2000, NameCheap quickly became one of the world’s leading domain registrars. It currently has over 800,000 clients with over 3 million domains managed. I’ve personally used them exclusively for nearly a year, and couldn’t be more satisfied. In fact, this domain that you are one right now is registered with them.

Advantages of NameCheap

There are several huge advantages for using NameCheap in 2014 over any other registrar. For one thing, NameCheap is, as its name suggests, one of the cheapest registrars around to use. I’ve found them to be very competitively priced on a base level, especially if you can find a good coupon code to use.

And as if they weren’t already cheap enough, their real value is revealed in the fact that they give you free WhoIs protection with every domain registration. For a point of reference, GoDaddy charges $10/yr for a similar service, effectively doubling the cost of registering a .com domain name. While the free protection from NameCheap only lasts one year, after that it is still a fraction of the cost of similar services from other registrars.

Another huge advantage to NameCheap is that they rarely (if ever) spam your inbox. One of the biggest problems with the hosting and domain registrar industry (and online marketing in general) is the amount of spam. I get emails nearly daily with all kinds of “exclusive promo codes” and “insider pricing” from other registrars (which still make them more expensive than NameCheap). Meanwhile, I get nothing from my favorite registrar, and I can’t say how nice of a difference that is.

So what about other registrars? Well, there are more bad ones than good ones. I highly recommend going with a big name company, as small timers are more problems than they’re worth (trust me on that one). If you are using Bluehost hosting, which I highly recommend, you can register your domains through them. However, it is cheaper to register with NameCheap and host with Bluehost. I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy, they are scammy, and they don’t live up to the hype. Stick with NameCheap for your domain registrar of choice for 2014.

Small Business Ideas for 2014

The year 2014 promises to be a good year for investing in a small part-time business with limited start up costs, entrepreneurial investment or a full-time business venture. The field of business areas are wide open for a savvy investor and planner and 2014 will be a great time to start a business in one of the many and up-and-coming technologies as well as some of the older standby, inflation-proof ventures. The sky is the limit, but starting a successful business will take some planning, keen financial investment and a lot of time donated to the venture. Here are some worthwhile business ventures that will show lucrative returns and fill a wanted niche in the domestic and international business world.

House or Pet Sitting

This is a service-based business that requires little start-up costs but is surprisingly in demand. Homeowners are becoming acutely aware of the importance of security when it comes to their homes and property. This business requires no particular skills other than a trustworthy and responsible nature, along with a record of reliability. Nothing more is needed than business cards or some small advertizements in local newspapers. A great website with a blog will also attract potential customers. It’s a good idea to acquire personal references, and if possible, obtain a bonding certification to guard against any damage to property. Pet sitting is very similar in nature and can be combined with house sitting. Pet sitting requires only the love of animals and a good habit of following directions when it comes to care, feeding and exercise.

Cosmetics Sales Representative

small business ideas for 2014Personal care and hygiene will never go out of style. Becoming a cosmetic sales representative will literally open up doors to many people who are on the quest to looking and feeling good. Avon, for example, has one of the largest direct sales companies in the world as well as a stellar reputation and excellent product line. The cosmetics industry pulls in an estimated $6 billion in revenue a year. In addition to beauty supplies and products, Avon also carry wellness and fashion products that appeal, not only to the female audience but the male populace. Becoming a representative is affordable and easy, with most of the program literature, social media connections, guidelines and products supplied by the company. This makes starting a successful cosmetics sales representative business immediate and convenient. Business cards, small ads and word-of-mouth are the best ways to start up this type of business.

Desktop Publishing

Anyone who owns a computer and printer has the potential to make business cards, banners and fliers. All it takes is some instructional computer programs to learn the skills on how to place text and graphics, crop and printout materials. Persons who have artistic ability and a good inkjet printer can do well in desktop publishing, even branching off into franchise and company work that might provide a steady income. Creating a unique and attractive portfolio of samples will showcase your talent. It is not hard to compete with or beat the prices of commercial printers. Supply costs are minimal, requiring only paper stock and ink cartridges. Persons interested in desktop publishing will do well with door-to-door solicitations, a website presence, small ads and word-of-mouth.

Auction Reseller

Persons who have a good eye and strategy for setting competitive prices can do very well in auction sales. The only requirement is visiting prepaid bid online auction sites where you can purchase merchandise instead of shopping at wholesale outfits. The key is to know your product inside and out, what the consumer market will bear and the precise timing to make bids on individual items or lots. The idea is to keep your bids reasonable and not overbid. This business can pick you up some very hot and fashionable items. After a successful bid, you have only to go to Craigs List or Ebay and resell the items for a profit then repeat the process. Persons can learn the system quickly and compete directly with the online sellers, beating their prices by a small margin.

Secretarial, Typing and Proofing Services

Persons with a MFA, secretarial or proofreading experience can do well in providing written and editorial skills for the public. Many small businesses cannot afford temp services or full-time secretarial personnel. This business requires only a computer, email access and a printer. Skills would include a mastery of English, or foreign language if required and adequate typing skills. Today, with the advent of print-on-demand and self-publishing, many writers need the skills of a good typist and editor and are willing to pay top dollar for these services. Prices can be agreed upon per job or by the hour or page. A great spinoff of this business is website design, but it requires some course study or previous experience in formatting, graphic design and computer coding.

New Business Ideas for 2014

As the economy of the world continues to change to accommodate a constantly changing world population, there are many new business ideas that now have the ability to become profitable for entrepreneurs. As the population ages and becomes more and more dependent on mobile applications for its every day commerce and communications, enterprising individuals have a chance to blow open huge markets that are ready for exploitation.

There is also a huge call for new ways to create energy in the 21st century. The largest opportunities for sustained success will come from these new alternative energy markets.

Below are just a few of the ideas that society is calling for whose market has not been saturated yet.

One – Healthcare

With the population of the Western world aging, there will be many opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals to set up their own private healthcare businesses. With many private nurses and other healthcare professionals obtaining their training through independent programs, there will be many more qualified individuals that do not necessarily have the opportunity to work within the more established or state run health systems that employ most of those people currently. In short, these private healthcare professionals will need people to find them clients.

For this opportunity, the employment agency will not really even need to have a detailed knowledge of the healthcare industry. What will be required is the ability to drive traffic to a website that both clients and healthcare professionals can access. By providing easier access to both clients and professionals, an entrepreneur can charge a premium for the convenience without having to ever leave the comfort of home.

Two – Mobile Apps

new business ideas 2014With mobile apps becoming the norm for communications and entertainment in the 21st century, entrepreneurs who are able to come up with the next popular idea will certainly profit. Many of the most popular apps today provide the same functionality as previous apps; they simply do it more quickly or more easily. For instance, the Pheed app was basically a clone of Twitter; however, it allowed individuals to more easily attach videos and music to their messages. It was also highly successful because of its compatibility with the popular iPhone line.

However, before long, the Pheed phenomenon was taken over by Vine, who built on the momentum Pheed had by providing users with the ability to make short six second videos by stopping and starting their iPhones in a manner similar to the formation of .gif files. An entrepreneur who builds upon this technology and offers up more functionality or quicker lines of communication can easily profit in this new environment for everything app.

Three – Green Energy Distributors

Those in the know are looking for alternatives to the gas and oil monopoly that state run energy companies have. There are viable alternatives such as hydrogen, natural gas and coal. However, most of these options are out of the financial range of the average person simply because there is not enough demand to create the volume needed to lower the price in a substantial way.

In the new economy, an entrepreneur with a business that is able to lower the cost of alternative energy (which should really be mainstream energy) will certainly be able to take advantage of market that is wide open for exploitation. There will likely be a great deal of resistance from the establishment powers who sense that their monopoly over energy might be coming to an end; however, this business has the most potential for profit by far because it is a product that everyone needs on a day to day basis.

In order to take full advantage of any of the markets described above, an entrepreneur will need a great deal of knowledge about how to promote and attract investors to a business. These are big ideas that will require a team effort to accomplish; however, the rewards are there for the person who spearheads the effort.

Online Business Ideas for 2014

Recent advancements in internet technology have made it much easier for entrepreneurs to start an online business. While e-commerce, online advertisements and blogs have been around for over a decade, easy-to-use website templates and affordable content writing services have made online businesses affordable for everyone.

If thorough planning takes place and an effective online marketing plan is implemented, the following online business ideas are sure to be profitable in 2014: (more…)

Business Ideas for 2014

If there is an upside to the current economic situation it is the fact that so many people are taking control of their situations by looking for ways to put more of their career destiny in their own hands by looking for business opportunities that they can start with little or no money. In fact, with the right knowledge, you could start any one of these businesses tomorrow. If you want access to our far bigger list of business ideas for 2014, subscribe to our free email list using the form in the sidebar! (more…)