Best Jobs for 2014

Finding a job in the present economic climate is not simply about looking at what your present salary will be, but at what the growth in that sector will be. Here is a look at some of the best jobs that will pay you well in 2014, but are also growing over the next four to five years.

1. Network Systems and Data Analyst

It is projected that there will be a 50% increase in the demand for network systems analysts by 2016, which means that it is a field you will want to get into. The education requirement for the job stands at a Bachelor’s Degree, although for future improvement in position/salary you will want to consider getting a Master’s as well.

Technology is playing a huge part in businesses, which means that more data analysts are going to be required in the coming years. Instead of choosing an IT career that is declining, invest in the necessary education to be a data analyst.

2. Personal/Home Care Aides

best jobs for 2014The increase in such employees will be 50.6% by 2016, with a median pay of around $20,000. This salary will increase over the next few years, which is why this is a field worth considering. The education requirements for the job are low, with some states only wishing for employees to be trained on site. However, other states may prefer employees who have attended a two year university, at minimum.

With the baby boomer generation getting older, it is expected to fuel the need for care givers throughout the country. If you are interested in a medical or nursing career, this could be a great first step towards achieving that goal.

3. Home Health Aides

This job is slightly different from a home care aide, with the services involved including housekeeping, cooking, and/or babysitting. Home health aides do not need to complete a higher education, with a high school diploma said to be enough in almost all states. There will be a 49% increase in the availability of these jobs by 2016, in addition to a solid median pay of $20,000 to $25,000.

4. Software Engineers

With a median pay of $100,000 and an expected rise in employment of 44% by 2016, being a software engineer could be a very lucrative career. Most workers have a bachelor’s degree, while at least half go on to obtain their Master’s or PhD.

The world is becoming more connected with each passing day, and businesses recognize this. They will need to improve their computer networking, which is where software engineers come in. It can be expensive to maintain these computer networks, and businesses want to be as efficient as possible, which is why innovative software engineers will always do well.

Another great aspect to being a software engineer is the flexibility in work hours. As long as you get your work done by a certain deadline, there is no need for you to work the typical 9-5 hour days.

5. Veterinary Technologists/Technicians

The median pay for a veterinary technician is not that high at $35,000, but this is a fast growing field. There will be 41% new jobs by 2016 and the salaries are set to improve as well.

The educational background for becoming a veterinary technician is two-fold. Either you can go to two year vet school and get your associate’s degree, or you can get a four year bachelor’s degree from one of the specific schools listed by the state.

With people becoming more concerned about the well being of their pets, the veterinary business is booming.

6. Personal Financial Adviser

With a median pay of $80,000 and a projected growth of 40% by 2016, this is a job that you want to get in on. A bachelor’s degree is required to be a financial adviser, but it is preferred that you have other qualifications related to the finance field. There are various courses, training sessions, and exams that ensure you are up to terms with the latest financial rules, terms, and strategies.

The reason for the growth in personal financial advisory is again related to the baby boomers. As this generation of Americans approaches the retirement age, they are more concerned with how their money will see them through the rest of their lives. As long as you are someone who is well educated, well spoken, intelligent, and reliable then you will make an excellent personal financial adviser. Just remember that the competition in this job will be fiercer than any of the others, with people looking to rake in as many clients as possible.

7. Theater and Performance Arts Make up Artists

top jobs 2014With a surprisingly high median salary of $40,000 and a 39% increase in jobs by 2016, this is a field that is underrated and undervalued by most people. The educational requirements are little more than a GED or high school diploma, with people looking for creativity not intelligence. It is important to take make up training courses, unless you feel as though you are a natural at the role.

Just keep in mind that while this is a rapidly growing profession, there are still a limited number of lucrative make up artist slots to fill. You may have to endure a few years of a mediocre job before you land the make up artist role you want.

8. Medical Assistants

A medical assistant does not need much education apart from completing high school and going to a two year associate college. Most of the colleges recommended are ones that have special medical assistant programs, which ensures a specialized and streamlined education. The rest of the training is completed on the job.

Medical assistants can earn a median salary of $30,000, with a projected 35% increase in employment for the industry. Technological advances have helped the medical industry a great deal, in addition to the large numbers of elderly that are expected in the next 10-15 years. If you are someone who has a propensity for being a healthcare profession, this is a job to strongly consider.

9. Veterinarians

Vets are very well paid, with a median salary of $90,000. This job market will grow by at least 25% by 2016 and the salaries could also rise to as high as $100,000. The only difficulty in becoming a vet is the strenuous education requirements. All vets must have completed a four year post-college program that allows them to receive the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine certificate. They must also pass a state exam which gives them their vet license.

It may be a struggle to get through vet school, but it is a very rewarding profession after that point. Not only will you be helping animals get well, you will be receiving a great salary to do so. The treatments that pet owners are willing to pay for have substantially increased, giving vets more business than they could have ever imagined.

10. Counselors for Substance Abuse

This job has a median pay of $40,000 and can be a very rewarding profession. Knowing that you are making a difference to someone’s life is an unmatched feeling. You will be dealing with individuals who are alcoholics, drug addicts, or struggling with eating disorders. It is important for you to have a degree of empathy in your personality, in addition to a lot of patience.

The education requirements for being a counselor range from state to state, but it is generally expected for you to have a Master’s Degree.

The above ten jobs may not be the most popular names you will hear, but these jobs are growing fast and will give you great job security over the next decade. Ultimately, the goal is not just to find a job for the next few months but for the next few years and beyond.