Best Investments for 2014

We are approaching five years of repercussion from the last financial crisis. The market is still showing a volatility that’s leaving the most seasoned investor gazing into crystal balls. We’re still waiting for the moment that tells us it’s safe to come out and play in a stable market.

Does that ever really happen though? Does the market ever forewarn us about a bad climate or a time to leap into the fray?

No, it doesn’t. If it did, we’d all be multimillionaires or we’d never lose a dime. The whole process is about paying attention and anticipating. It’s about research and it’s about faith. Investing is a stressful, rewarding, frustrating, exciting, defeating and prosperous endeavor that requires one thing more than any other. And that’s taking a chance.

As investors, what we are constantly on the prowl for is take a chance on what? We monitor the markets, study the charts and keep an ear to the grapevine looking for that one kernel of knowledge that promises return on investment. Even then, we’re talking our chances.

So, in that vein, let’s go to the crystal ball and take a look at some potential near term investments that show a little promise. Of course, your due diligence in these matters needs to go beyond these words.


Analysts believe that hard assets continue to be the best place to put your money. Morgan Stanley released a recent report on what price gains on which commodities can be expected for 2014.


Stalled mine production almost guarantees increased demand, especially as this commodity is essential in jewelry and electronics. Silver saw the end of 2012 at $30 an ounce. The projection for 2014 is expected to be $35, an increase of 16.67 percent.


Always dependable, gold finished out 2012 at $1,665 an ounce. Projections into 2014 are for a potential increase of 8.11 percent. Lowered demand may limit prices over the coming year, but no one doubts this commodity won’t continue to push higher.


Demand is expected to increase as the growth supply slows over the next half decade. Copper ended 2012 at $3.61 a pound. Projection for 2013 is an increase of 8.03 percent and 2014 rounding out at 3.05 percent.


Higher than expected production from India and Brazil left a global surplus. In 2012, sugar ended 2012 at 19.2 cents a pound. The 2014 projection is forecast to reach 20 cents, up 4.17 percent.

Short Term Investments

It’s difficult to find financial experts that agree on most things. This year though they came together in favor of equities. Finding great short term investments is never an easy task and shouldn’t be executed before analyzing your current portfolio and getting sound financial advice.

Properties in London are selling well. Parties from varied locations like Asia, Russia and the Middle East are looking for flats and homes. They are also ready to rent long and short term for the opportunity to have a well situated, comfortable and spacious living environment. Foreign investments are not for everyone though.

Another set of great investments are probably less accessible to investors. That’s why they are excellent and promising in the short term. These include offshore accounts, wine, renewable energy and precious stones. You should do a lot of research beforehand with the ear of an expert at your disposal.

Growth Companies


In 2012, the Internet company saw an astonishing 65 percent sales jump. During that year’s fourth quarter, businesses’ desire to advertise, pump up their pages and reply to reviews leaped another astonishing number, 68 percent. Analysts are predicting more good reviews for Yelp as it opens sites in more countries. By end of the current year, sales are expected to jump 54 percent and another 39 in 2014.

KEYW Holding

Cybersecurity will grow as a major concern to everything from national defense to your personal device. KEYW Holding sells cybersecurity products, analytical tools and spy gear to government and national security agencies. With the help of major acquisitions, company officers expect the company’s sales to double in 2015, reaching $500 million.


Investors who missed the boat on the likes of Facebook are still anxious for the next Internet monster. Trulia is a website and mobile app that allows research of house listings as well as stats on those neighborhoods. While the site’s free to buyers, Trulia’s income is from subscriptions to realtors. That keeps it in front of advertising and the preferred platform for searches and one click calls from smartphones. In 2012, sales leaped 77 percent, subscribers were up 143 percent and visitors increased 192 percent.


Investing is always going to a question of faith even after doing your homework. Overall, the outlook for 2014 could find great returns for investors that are willing, as always, to take chances.