Best Electric Shaver for 2014

Discovering the most reliable and comfortable way to shave is a prime goal for every man. No man can be at his best in any situation without a clean and comfortable shave. It is required to look and feel like one is at their best. The efforts to make these things a reality have been constantly evolving ever since the very first electric razor came onto the market. While the technology was rudimentary at first and hardly able to compare to the shave achievable using conventional razors, electric razors have quickly advanced forward along with all other forms of technology that are impacting how we live our lives on a day to day basis. Looking at the innovations in electric shavers that are coming man’s way in 2014 will give you a good idea of just how much potential is out there. From the most expensive razors on the market to unbelievable bargains, the best in electric razors will change the way you think about presenting yourself and caring for your skin in the future.

Braun Series 3 Shaver 340

This electric razor for 2014 represents the cream of the crop in electric-razor technology in addition to taking the crown as the best-performing, most expensive razor that Braun has ever produced. However, Braun has long been a trusted name when it comes to hair care for men, making it no surprise that they should lead the way in this department as well. This electric razor is both powerful and compact. It makes use of twin foils that allows it to remove hair without any sensations of tugging or cutting whatsoever. The carefully designed trimmer handles long and short stubble with a smooth action that feels as if their were no hair present at all.

Maintenance is considerably easy when it comes to keeping the razor clean. Simply running it under a swift stream of water is all that is required to keep this razor in top condition. Another advantage is the wireless charging station that eliminates annoying and dangerous cords in the bathroom. Among its other notable features are the precision lock switch that adjusts the front foil for ideal comfort and the adjustable central trimmer that can shift to accommodate longer hair. Although the Series 3 will require a considerable investment, the $289 you spend gets you an electric razor that knows no equal.

Braun 7-790cc Pulsonic Shaver

The Series 7 is up to professional standards at their height. It safely cuts down hair follicles individually while virtually leaving skin untouched. The difference in this shaver and other ones on the market is the patented Pulsonic technology. This engineering allows the shaver to utilize 10,000 vibrations per second at a microscopic level. The result is shaving that is done with the most precision yet possible. In addition to delivering a flawlessly clean shave every time it is used, the Series 7 features personalized settings that the user can control. Up to three different options allow for a consistent shaving experience that can evolve with your chosen look.

The hair-free abilities of this razor are heightened even more by it flexible components that work with each individual curve that you approach. The designers behind the Series 7 have even anticipated the remaining stubble that can often be the cause of discomfort when using less sophisticated products. This razor has a built-in Activelift system that collects hair as it is removed and positions hair that is lying flat in order to provide the most luxurious shaving experience possible. All of these features are available for men for just under $200. This shaver is not the most expensive on the market, however, its performance will make it feel that way.

Philips Norelco PT730

Philips delivers ideal performance for an electric shaver at a price that practically every man can afford. For only around $50, this Norelco brings you a dual-precision system that operates based on powerful blades and gentle handling. Another of the benefits presented by Norelco is that it handles both long and short hair without having to change blades or make major adjustments to the equipment. The flexible heads allow it to be precise when it comes to dealing with hair of all lengths and contours of all kinds. The performance of this razor is top of the line while the actual shaving experience is one that is smooth and enjoyable. The blades themselves are durable as well. The best results come when the head is changed once every 12 months. For a great price and performance that can be depended upon, men can always turn to Norelco.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, choosing any of the above razors will guarantee satisfaction. The impact that this equipment can make on one’s appearance is considerable, making it a sound investment for anyone that desires to be their best at any given moment.