Best Domain Registrar for 2014

There are many good domain registrars out there in the marketplace today. So which one is the best to be using in 2014? Well that question has many different answers depending on who you talk to. Some people prefer one over the other because of a difference in cost. Others boast of superior customer service. And yet others simply stick with the same registrar they’ve been using for years now out of habit.

In all reality, there isn’t a huge amount of difference between registrars. All allow you to do the same thing: register domain names. All do it for relatively the same price (generally around ten bucks for a .com domain name). And most will also try and upsell you hosting services, SSL’s, and other things you may or may not need.

So what are differences between the companies, and which should you use? Well that depends on what you’re looking for and what you will be using the domain names for.

For me though, there is only one company that I will trust as a domain registrar in 2014: NameCheap.


Founded in the year 2000, NameCheap quickly became one of the world’s leading domain registrars. It currently has over 800,000 clients with over 3 million domains managed. I’ve personally used them exclusively for nearly a year, and couldn’t be more satisfied. In fact, this domain that you are one right now is registered with them.

Advantages of NameCheap

There are several huge advantages for using NameCheap in 2014 over any other registrar. For one thing, NameCheap is, as its name suggests, one of the cheapest registrars around to use. I’ve found them to be very competitively priced on a base level, especially if you can find a good coupon code to use.

And as if they weren’t already cheap enough, their real value is revealed in the fact that they give you free WhoIs protection with every domain registration. For a point of reference, GoDaddy charges $10/yr for a similar service, effectively doubling the cost of registering a .com domain name. While the free protection from NameCheap only lasts one year, after that it is still a fraction of the cost of similar services from other registrars.

Another huge advantage to NameCheap is that they rarely (if ever) spam your inbox. One of the biggest problems with the hosting and domain registrar industry (and online marketing in general) is the amount of spam. I get emails nearly daily with all kinds of “exclusive promo codes” and “insider pricing” from other registrars (which still make them more expensive than NameCheap). Meanwhile, I get nothing from my favorite registrar, and I can’t say how nice of a difference that is.

So what about other registrars? Well, there are more bad ones than good ones. I highly recommend going with a big name company, as small timers are more problems than they’re worth (trust me on that one). If you are using Bluehost hosting, which I highly recommend, you can register your domains through them. However, it is cheaper to register with NameCheap and host with Bluehost. I wouldn’t recommend GoDaddy, they are scammy, and they don’t live up to the hype. Stick with NameCheap for your domain registrar of choice for 2014.